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Saturn V carrying Apollo 11
Listen to Michael Beiter and discussed on the nationally syndicated Josh Tolley radio show (Nov. 26, 2013):


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The vendetta against me was not only carried out in private circles of government, but in the public as well.

I often thanked my Father in heaven for stating that fear of man is sinful. It is the very thing that helped me stay the course.


Four convicted in $160 million tax fraud case
Sun Sentinel: October 29, 2012


Six Sentenced to Prison in Florida for Federal Tax Crimes
Department of Justice, February 4, 2013


Michael D. Beiter – sovrun tax scammer convicted
Judge Roy Bean: November 17, 2010


Seven People Charged in Tax Fraud Case Based on Secret Bank-Account Conspiracy Theory
Broward Palm Beach New Times: December 7, 2011


Feds obtain four tax refund fraud convictions
South Florida Business Journal: October 29, 2012


South Florida residents in $120M tax fraud bust
South Florida Business Journal: December 6, 2011


Broward man convicted in tax scheme
South Florida Business Journal: November 16, 2010


Tax fraud scheme nets lengthy sentences
Sun Sentinel: February 2, 2013