What is my mission and purpose for OneBigCoverUp.com?

Unless you have ever been hunted down by other humans, you could never understand the enormity of the personal physical and spiritual impact.

Do I forgive everyone who has partaken in the clear and precise vendetta against myself, my family, friends and business associates?   Of course I do.  It is commanded of me to, “love my enemy.”

For many years, my exculpatory evidence was not a labor of love, but rather, evidence against its perpetrators.  The question that begs to be answered is, “If you forgive them and are attempting to ever have love for them, how does the holding of the evidence stand up against, ‘love holds no record of wrongs?’”

The answer is:  Accountability!  

I do forgive; and with that, I owe it to my captors to reveal their wrongs.  It is very similar to rebellious children.  Unless you reveal the rebellion, they will never acknowledge the rebellion. Change can only come when one takes responsibility for his or her own actions, whether he or she wants to or not.

This site is a pathway to peace between me and the many perpetrators revealed within the information contained on this website.



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